Friday, June 25, 2010

Get in the carnival spirit!

Want to get into the Carnival spirit and really be ready to take part on the day?   Here’s how to make a carnival headress, a balloon trumpet and a song you can learn to sing on the day.

Instructions for making a CARNIVAL HEADRESS
You need the following ingredients and tools
Wire coat hanger preferably with the fine foam covering (but it's not really necessary).
Plastic bag handles, corners and other bits in colours of your choice...plastic pan scrubs, nets from fruit etc.
Hot iron
Greaseproof paper
Table or ironing board

And here is how...
Cover table/board with greaseproof paper and place coathanger on top
Fold plastic bag handles around the top wire of the coat hanger so they stick up like rabbit ears or flames
Put another layer of greaseproof over it Place hot iron over the paper so the plastic melts underneath (experiment with length of time, pressure, heat of iron).  Gently remove the paper when plastic has melted.  Add other pieces of plastic bag etc .so you have a row of 'rabbit ears' or 'flames' rising from the top of the coat hanger..
Bend the bottom wire so it fits behind your head.
Crown yourself or a friend with it

Forget vuvuzelas - here are some instructions for making your own BALLOON TRUMPET to join in the sounds at the carnival...

 ... or come and make one at the Carnival Factory this week.

... and for those of you who feel like testing out their vocal chords take some time to practice a SONG which will be sung during the carnival procession – it's called Senzeni Na (What Have We Done?) and it comes from South Africa. You can listen to a version of it here on U-Tube

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