Monday, July 5, 2010

Trashcatchers Carnival Highlights

Check out the first videos from yesterday's Trashcatchers' Carnival in Tooting! Firstly we have some film of the parade in the Upper Tooting Rd.
And then there's a unique turtle's eye view of the start!

And thanks also to people who have put up photostreams and blog posts:

Mainly Malsara's Photos (TTT blog)

Rachel Wheeley's Photos and Blog post

Simon Maggs' Photos

Jonathan Buckley's Photos (Mainly Lido)

Leo's Photos

Keep them coming!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trashcatchers Carnival on ITV News

Today's Trashcatchers' Carnival in Tooting was a great community event and we think a great success!  ITV's London Tonight aired a minute and a half's footage at 6.30 this evening which you can view here (we rushed them some Carnival stills just in time to hit the news deadline - see pics below)         Press Release Now Also Available

Counting Down to July 4th

Click on the poster below for all the details you need to know for Sunday's Trashcatchers' Carnival including the authorised route and the finish point on oft-locked Fishponds playing fields!  We can't wait!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Eve Of The Carnival

After many months of hard work by hundreds of carnivalistas, combined with the ingenious creativity of the artists and carnival makers, the Carnival is almost upon us. Come and see this amazing procession and be part of its magic tomorrow at 2pm when the Tooting Trashcatchers Carnival comes to town!

Here are some of the last minute preparations around Tooting this week: